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Milk Pregnancy Testing: 

The Easiest Way to Detect Empty Cows. Throughout Pregnancy.

How it works.

2. Testing

As part of routine milk control your samples can also be tested for pregnancy specific proteins (PAG's), indicating if a cow is pregnant or not.

1. Sample collection

Milk samples are collected and transported to the laboratory.

4. Reporting

Results will be sent by email or post.

3. Results

Trusted ELISA technology provides accurate results on par with palpation and ultrasound.




*.) De Vries et al, Economics of improved reproductive performance in dairy cattle (Publication AN 156, Gainesville FL, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agriculture Science; 2005

Your Benefits.

Research determined that the cost of 1 empty cow alone is approximately 5 euro per day*. Therefore if you don’t have to wait 2 weeks or more for pregnancy checks to find empty cows, you can save a lot of money. 



Early identification of empty cows allows for early rebreeding, which assists in improving reproductive performance.

Improving reproductive performance



The test detects a highly specific marker of pregnancy: pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs). Unlike progesterone levels that fluctuate naturally during a cycle, PAGs are only produced in the presence of an embryo or fetus.



Reproductive efficiency improves when producers, veterinarians, breeding companies work together. 

Less handling of animals

The test can easily be implemented in your routine milk recording offered by your own lab. That means less handling and no extra stress for your animals.

With the IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test, empty cows can be detected throughout gestation as soon as 28 days after breeding. 

Empty cow detection throughout gestation

Trusted by farmers across the globe. 

Over 20 million tests have already been performed

Test options.

28 - 65 days

post breeding

Early detection of cows, assists in early rebreeding. 10-12% of cows have embryonic loss between 25-60 days post AI

    70 - 110 days

post breeding

Rebreed empty cows while still economically viable.

    Late gestation

Prevent  treatment cost of empty cows and pregnant cows from being slaughtered

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Developed by IDEXX, world leader in veterinary diagnostics, milk pregnancy tests have been performed more than 20 million times since 2013. Milk testing is trusted by tens of thousands of farmers around the world. 

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No extra work or 

handling of cows


Through Milk 

Recording samples


>98% accuracy

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